Laminate and Wood Terminology

Living-Laminate-Russett-OakLaminate: A man made material that has the appearance of wood, but is
really a plastic. The finish is like a Formica countertop, but more durable
and thicker.

Engineered wood. This is a plywood type of material that has a pre-finished
layer that is real wood. The finish is factory [Read more…]

Should I Float or Glue my Trafficmaster Floor?

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We are installing Traffic Master Engineered Hardwood Flooring. Are we supposed to use glue and if so, what kind/type of glue?

Can this be used as a floating floor without glue?

I personally have glued this product down and it looks and performs fantastic. It is currently 2 years old and looks like the day we installed it.

I remember the box shows directions for gluing it down, but I have heard of people floating it and believe that is is advertised as a floating floor.

We used the standard glue available from Home Depot on the floor we put down. We bought quite a bit of it and did a great job putting it down. I highly recommend gluing it down as it makes it feel extremely solid.

Manchurian Walnut 1/2 In. Distressed Engineered Flooring

Manchurian Walnut 1/2 In. Distressed EngineeredThis South American species has a deep and rich brown finish. Elegant and timeless floor provides a classic uniform appearance, yet with exotic wood grain patterns. 3/4″ deep x 3 1/2″ wide strips with varying plank lengths. The 5 layers of UV acrylic finish and one coat of Aluminum Oxide top coat give the floor a hard and abrasion resistant surface. Suitable for subterranean installation.

The Manchurian Walnut 1/2 In. Distressed Engineered Flooring comes with a 25 year limited warranty. If you are looking for a beautiful wood floor this engineered flooring is a flooring that catches the eye. The installation on this engineered flooring is very easy.

Manchurian Walnut 1/2 In. Distressed Engineered Flooring details:
* 4 side tongue and groove for easy installation
* aluminum oxide UV finish for scratch resistance
* can be installed by nail, staple or glue down
* 26.26 square feet per case. Sold per case.
* Special Order in select Stores
* MFG Model # : FU1212

Wilsonart Hand Scraped flooring – Hickory Plank

Hickory Plank Hand Scraped: Inspired by Nature, Perfected by Technology represents hickory, Wilsonart Hand Scraped flooring Hickory Planka heavy, strong hardwood known for its vibrant grain patterns and dramatic color variations of tan and red. It can often consist of sapwood that is white to cream with fine brown lines. It carries random pecks, burls, and mineral streaks that are recognizable to its name. Hickory is becoming more popular due to its increased use in cabinetry and its casual, almost rustic appearance.

Hickory Plank (W3000185)

The surface of the new designs takes on a hand scraped effect typical of the detail and characteristics achieved in hand-hewn floors. The natural variations and randomness found in Red Label Hand Scraped textures is indicative of artisan techniques that are contradictive to mechanical techniques. The texture creates a casual, worn surface with textural interest.

Wilsonart Flooring selected five core species of woods that emphasize the hand-crafted aspect of woods through casual images that are time worn to perfection. These full board woods are paired with this new texture we refer to as “Hand Scraped.”

Kahrs Wood Flooring Review and Information

Kahrs has many FSC certified wood products. Kahrs wood flooring is the only floor with ISO 9001, 9002, 14001, 14002 rating.
Kahrs Wood flooring is made to be beautiful offering 12 species of wood. Kahrs wood flooring is engineered to be perfect: three layer construction gives excellent dimensional stability. Made for and warranted for radiant heated floors: very stable, will not gap, buckle or warp over any floor with hydronic or electric radiant heat.
Kahrs wood flooring details:
Built with a lasting finish: 25 year wear warranty
Qualifies for LEED points (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)
No toxic glues or chemicals, healthy for you and your family
Easy to install, save $$ hundreds and thousands by doing it yourself
Less expensive than solid hardwood floors (especially when you consider the total cost of installation). [Read more…]

TrafficMaster Original Serenity Oak Engineered Wood Needed

Looking for one box or less of TrafficMaster Original Serenity Oak Engineered Wood Flooring. Style off box 579-242 26.166sqFt/CArton Size 0.32\”x3\”x35.5\” 8X75X900mm

Thank you, Kris Lynd


Trafficmaster Valley Oak-Engineered Wood Flooring & Trafficmaster Serenity Oak-Engineered Wood Flooring is on sale and available.