Dupont Alabaster Random Slate Laminate Flooring

Dupont Alabaster Random Slate Laminate Flooring Review

Dupont Real Touch Golden OakInstalled in kitchen 3 years ago, finished install in a few hours. Cleans up easily, pets can run across without a scratch appearing and hides dirt well. Most people think it is tile until we tell them otherwise. Much easier than tile.

Dupont Alabaster Random Slate Laminate Flooring is an advanced laminate flooring which features an Embossed-in-Register texture, which matches the look of real slate and improves slip resistance. The Dupont Alabaster Random Slate Laminate Flooring has InterPlank design that mimics the natural randomness of genuine slate.
This laminate from Dupont has a Self-Alignment System and attached underlayment assures quick, easy installation and aids in noise reduction. 30-year warranty. Alabaster Random Slate. 15-15/32″ W x 46-1/2″ L (19.98 Sq. Ft.)

Dupont Alabaster Random Slate Laminate Flooring details:

  • 19.98 Sq. Ft. per Carton
  • Coodinating moldings available.
  • Joint Guard Glueless System Prolongs the Life of the Floor
  • Pre Installed Foam Underlayment For Comfort and Noise Reduction

Pergo Installation as Easy as 1-2-3

Today I installed a floor with an off brand of Pergo Laminate.
It was approximately 200 square feet. I have built the subfloor myself. It was full of wierd angles that required a saw.

It took about 2 hours tops to finish completely. I didn’t read the directions that came with the pergo, and it was a breeze.

The floor looks fantastic and I will post some pictures of the floor soon.

Until then happy Pergo installing.

Laminate Flooring Accessories

To enable to install laminate flooring properly, you will need some accessories for a successful installation. Accessories like glue, pipe collars, under lay and the like but not all are needed some can be created at home with simple materials. Manufacturers of laminate flooring usually create their own laminate flooring accessories. It is recommended that you use one brand of laminate flooring accessories for the reason that it will result to a consistent color and pattern.

Choosing the right laminate flooring underlay will depend on the sub-floor and other environmental considerations like noise.

Different kind of laminate flooring underlay:

  • Foam Underlay
  • Damp Proof Membrane
  • Board Underlay
  • Sound + DPM Underlay
  • Combi Foam Underlay

When it comes to laminate flooring skirting and trims there are different sizes and shapes to choose from that depends on the requirement of the installation.

  • Scotia Bead
  • T-Moulding
  • End Moulding
  • Skirting Installation Kit
  • Decorative Skirting

When you have different kinds of flooring, you can use transition bars to make it a continuous pattern.

  • Hard Surface Transition
  • T-Moulding
  • Carpet Transition

Pipe collars are useful when installing laminate flooring around pipes and make sure that there is an extension gap around the pipes.

In case the laminate flooring incurs small or tiny scratches sealants and repair kits can fix the problem. Sealants usually are made of acrylic that allows particular amount of movement. And it comes in different colors to match the floor which is also the same with repair kits.

Floorboards Laminate | Classic Collection

K-Swiss 7mm Laminate Flooring - F SeriesFloorboards Laminate Classic Collection
Time is precious. Use it wisely, go glueless.

Introducing the FloorBoards Classic Collection series Laminate Floor. For the first time ever, all the advantages of a full 8.3mm floating laminate floor at America’s lowest price. [Read more…]

Laminate Benefits

Laminate Flooring Benefits

The benefits of laminate flooring can be summed up in two words durability and cost.

Empire Flooring ReviewsLaminate flooring offers the appearance of real hardwood floors or stone tile, but for about two-thirds the cost. However, people often forget that laminate flooring has a number of other benefits, such as:

  • High UV resistance, blocking the sun’s harmful rays and protecting the laminate floor pattern from fading over time.
  • Easy installation.
    Excellent warranty protection.
  • Easy repairs, since damaged laminate flooring planks can be replaced without contrasting with the pattern of surrounding boards.
  • Easy cleaning, since laminate flooring doesn’t trap dirt. Most spills can be cleaned up with a mop or sponge.

Laminate Flooring is a great option for those looking to upgrade the floors in their homes. Take a look at the links above and on the side for great deals on laminate flooring.

Krono Original Castello Classic Elm Laminate Review

Krono Original Castello Classic Elm Laminate Flooring Review

My husband and I put this flooring down ourselves in my home office/work room. I needed something that was beautiful but would also stand up to office chair wheels. It was a snap to put down, it looks great and we are getting ready to use it in another room. Highly recommend!
With the typical wood grain and unique surface structure it is almost impossible to tell that Krono Original laminate flooring is not real wood. Krono Original laminate flooring is an amazing copy of naturLiving Laminate - Crimson Oakal wood and offers several advantages over hardwood floors. The dirt and bacteria are easily wiped away on laminate flooring.

This Krono Original Castello Classic laminate flooring guarantees long lasting durability.

Krono Original Castello Classic Features:

  • 23.89 Sq. Ft. Per Carton
  • Each laminate flooring plank is 7.56″ W x 50.59″ L x 8mm T
  • 20-Year Warranty
  • Patented locking system
  • Quick, easy, and glueless floating floor installation
  • Stronger and more resistant than wood