Do you have any Hampton Honey Oak – Traffic Master

Trafficmaster Hanover Oak - Available from Home Depot

Do you have any Hampton Honey Oak – Traffic Master
Plank 7.86″x47.56″x5/18″

We got it at Home Depot about 6 years ago and they can’t seem to locate any. I need to repair my floor and would appreciate any info you can give me on availability, or other location I may find some.


  1. Need only 3 planks of trafficmaster hanover oak flooring!! anybody have them – will pay!

  2. Help! Doing a floor repair and need some Trafficmaster Honey Oak. Anyone?

    If not, does anyone know what product would at least click together with it, so we could move what we have and hide the mismatch in the closet floor?

    Thanks for any ideas.

  3. I have 4 boxes Hampton Honey. Oak. The idiot I hired to do my whole house made so many mistakes my room never got done because I need another four boxes and couldn’t afford it. Now that I’m finally ready to floor my room I can’t find four more boxes. I live in Northern Wisconsin if anyone wants Hampton Honey Oak

  4. I need 10 boxes of Hampton Honey Oak. Please let me know if anyone has any boxes for sale and how much you would charge. Thanks,

  5. Hampton Honey Oak laminate for sale (used – 8 boxes)
    (click on my name)

  6. Hello
    I need 2 boxes of the Hampton honey oak if someone has any please let me know., I am in the SF bay area. I got water under my floors.

  7. I have 9 unopened boxes of the Trafficmaster Hampton Honey Oak.

    Live near Milwaukee, WI and currently work in Lake Forest IL.

  8. Mark soyk says:

    We need 1 box, is there any left out there?

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