Dupont Golden Oak Laminate Flooring Review

Dupont Golden Oak Laminate Flooring Review

This product is amazing. It is no ordinary laminate. It is 10mm thick and has the underlay already attached. The design looks “REAL” to those that do not know.
I am a 50 year young female and I installed this in my living room and kitchen. It is easy.
There is not much prep time and laying it is a breeze.  I used a 10TPI Wood Jigsaw bDupont Real Touch Golden Oaklade to cut it and this works beautifully. No ripping or tearing of laminate.  If you pre-plan your design you can minimize any waste in material.  This is my first time laying the floor and I have not any waste except where minimal trimming was required to leave gap between wall and tile, around furnace ducts and a few structural areas.  I found that a hand held Tile Knife was difficult to use. I am not a weak person in most cases.
I would recommend this for anyone with some mechanical skills. Don’t pay those costly installation fees. Install it yourself. You can do it!

One of the most dramatic features of the Dupont Golden Oak Laminate Flooring is the Embossed-in-Register texture, which matches the look of real hardwood and improves slip resistance. This lamiante flooring has an InterPlank design that mimics the natural randomness of genuine wood, eliminating the block look of a traditional laminate floor.

Dupont Golden Oak Laminate Flooring has a Self-Alignment System and attached underlayment which assures quick, easy installation and aids in noise reduction. This laminate flooring comes with a 30-year warranty. Golden Oak. Measurements of the Dupont Golden Oak Laminate Flooring : 11-9/16″ W x 46-1/2″ L (18.66 Sq. Ft.)

Dupont Golden Oak Laminate Flooring Features

  • 18.66 Sq. Ft. per Lamiante Flooring Carton
  • Coodinating Laminate moldings available.
  • Joint Gaurd Glueless System Prolongs the Life of the Laminate Floor
  • Pre Installed Foam Underlayment For Comfort and Noise Reduction

Dupont Golden Oak Laminate Flooring is a great looking for. Check the links above for more information.


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