Dupont Real Touch Golden Oak

I installed this in my kitchen/dining/pantry area. I found that it is important to make sure that you use spacers (i used scrap flooring strips) to maintain the space around the wall area (for expansion). This will keep the floor from moving when you tap it to lock it. Buy the laminate installation kit -it contains critical tools.
My install went through two rooms and a pantry with plenty of walls and obstructions. I found a table saw and jig saw to be critical tools in my situation. You must latch before you tap. Raise the new panel about 15 degrees and lock it into place, then a light tap and it locks. I also found that it was necessary to cut last panels on a row that went under cabinet base overhangs that prevented raising the panel far enough to lock it
It would probably be easy in a rectangular room. I am pleased with the installation and more importantly so is my wife. The floor looks amazing and is really seamless.

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