Pergo Mesquite Laminate Flooring

Pergo Mesquite Laminate FlooringPergo Mesquite Laminate Flooring is a beautiful laminate flooring at a very low price.

Pergo Mesquite Laminate Flooring details:
Satin, gloss finish creates the look of fine exotic wood
Available in traditional and narrow plank formats with micro-beveled edges for realism

Looking for a low cost laminate? Check out the Kronotex review.

Pergo Mesquite Laminate Flooring details continues:
Dual-locking click system with edge sealant
Wear resistant surface featuring LusterGuard Plus
Pre-attached Premium Underlayment

The Pergo Mesquite Laminate Flooring is a great looking floor for the budget minded household.

Lowe’s Item #: 236934 Model: 080516


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