The pros and cons of laminate flooring

name = “movie”name = “allowFullScreen “ The pros and cons of laminate flooring. What can I resist. Video Classification? No: 4 / 5


  1. CmdrGendoIkari says:

    @aggiecarter50 – He said 1/32ths of an inch which equals 0.03125 inches. It’s actually thinner than that even.

  2. FogataMexicana says:

    Thank you for taking your time for helping viewers to become more educated when it comes to install and the pros and cons about laminate floor.

  3. this is really helpful info as i am in the habbit of hitting my floor with a claw hammer..!

  4. gustiepuryearak665 says:

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  5. aggiecarter50 says:

    how big is 30 seconds thick?

  6. Why is it when I accidentally dropped dropped a glass bowl on the floor it left a crack?

  7. steelworks says:

    Take a SHARPIE PERMANENT MARKER and write your name directly onto Laminate flooring.

    Just a little denatured alcohol and a rag and it is gone instantly !

    Just thought you should know!


  8. DominickDiy says:

    @papaboule No not at all. Just make sure you cut the wall ends nice and straight so they will get covered up by the trim.

  9. Dom, I’m thinking of installing laminate at a 45 degree angle for that extra snazzy look. Is that a bad idea? I know it sure would take a lot of cuts.
    Thanks, great vid.

  10. lankastuff says:

    Excellent Sir. Thank you. This is great!!!!!
    I appreciate

  11. lankastuff says:

    Excellent Sir. Thank you. This is great!!!!!
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  12. lankastuff says:

    Excellent Sir. Thank you. This is great!!!!!
    I appreciate

  13. DominickDiy says:

    @panteranation Anytime, glad I could help.

  14. panteranation says:

    nice. thanks for posting this. it helps.

  15. bishonenboy says:

    You cant refinish a laminate floor. They’re reusing hardwood flooring from old tobacco warehouses in Richmond, VA. Theres a test of quality.

  16. Ok i seen your video and went out and got the laminate flooring, hope your right about the easy part…hahaha just kidding think it will be some what easy to do..

  17. DominickDiy says:

    @ForPropertyInvestors you very welcome

  18. ForPropertyInvestors says:

    Thanks Dominick.

  19. Very usefull, thanks

  20. Great videos. Thanks. You look a lot like Bill Cosby!

  21. DominickDiy says:

    anytime glad I could help..

  22. DominickDiy says:

    Once you done one your a pro. I love it.

  23. malberts1954 says:

    You da man, Dom. Thanks for the education. I know I can install a lam floor myself now. Starting on it tomorrow.

  24. laminate flooring also cost a lot less. i prefer real wood.. now they have vinyl flooring that looks just like laminate and its water proof and durable. not to mention easiest thing to replace

  25. Thanks alot.

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