Laminate Flooring – Things You Need to Know

Laminate Flooring – Things You Need to Know


Laminate flooring is a great alternative to hardwood when you want the warmth and beauty of wood flooring without the installation and maintenance hassles. This attractive flooring solution is available in a wide range of prices, colours and grains. It’s also more scratch and dent resistant than hardwood flooring, which makes it the perfect choice for homes with active children or pets. Laminate flooring is the one of the most versatile, durable and well-constructed types of flooring on the

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Best Way to Clean a Laminate Floor

How to clean a laminate flooring and see a shine instead of streaks?
How to Clean a Laminate FloorHi, I’ve tried the swifter and it is awful streaky. When I use water without soap or with soap I get the same result… streaks. Please give me the advice that you have in cleaning laminate flooring without streaks. I want a nice shine on my laminate (Trafficmaster / Pergo) floors. What is your recommendation for cleaning without leaving streaks on laminate floors? Thanks to all in advance for your cleaning tips.

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How to Clean a Laminate Floor without Streaks

  1. Spray it with a wood laminate floor cleaner and wipe it clean with a damp. You can purchase a wood laminate floor cleaner at your local home improvement store. Make sure it is marked clearly for cleaning wood laminate floors. You need to avoid using soapy cleansing agents. Armstrong makes a great wood laminate floor cleaner and is pictured at left.

  2. Use dry towels to wipe up any remaining water on the wood laminate floor. Now your floors should look brand new!

Tips & Warnings on cleaning laminate floors

  • For a more natural way to clean a wood laminate floor, get a spray bottle and mix it to the top with 1/3 water, 1/3 rubbing alcohol and 1/3 white vinegar. Spray in sections and wipe it down with a damp towel as you go.
  • Be careful when sweeping or mopping a wood laminate floor – the metal or wood parts on the broom and mop can scratch the surface of the floor.

Have fun and enjoy your beautiful floors.

TrafficMaster Original Serenity Oak Engineered Wood Needed

Looking for one box or less of TrafficMaster Original Serenity Oak Engineered Wood Flooring. Style off box 579-242 26.166sqFt/CArton Size 0.32\”x3\”x35.5\” 8X75X900mm

Thank you, Kris Lynd


Trafficmaster Valley Oak-Engineered Wood Flooring & Trafficmaster Serenity Oak-Engineered Wood Flooring is on sale and available.

Trafficmaster Brisbane Eucalyptus

Traffic Master Brisbane Eucalyptus Laminate FlooringTrafficmaster Brisbane Eucalyptus Needed

Traffic Master (Trafficmaster) laminate flooring is available in an array of Exotics and Unique wood visuals, the extraordinary richness of this laminate flooring is a captivating plank which is sure to add a distinctive flair to any decor and make your floors beautiful.

This is a very beautiful light flooring.  It has been quite popular and often sells out at Home Depot.  If you need any extra boxes of The Trafficmaster Brisbane you can find them below or on the side.  If you have additional boxes left over, please add them to the list below so that others can find what they need.

Traffic Master Brisbane Eucalyptus Laminate Flooring details:

  • Model: HC61200230
  • Easy to maintain
  • Scratch resistant
  • Quick and Easy Glueless Installation
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on Trafficmaster Laminates
  • Enhanced Wear Surface

Trafficmaster in Basement Review

Trafficmaster Allure Oak ReviewTrafficmaster Reader Review:

The majority of complaints about this product is when it is installed in basements. The temperature swings cause the pieces to expand and contract so they warp. Also, concrete + moisture + trafficmaster = mold.

The only other common problem is that the product marks up easily.

Further, I seriously doubt this would last 25 years, but it is cheap, looks good, and is easy to install.

Should I Float or Glue my Trafficmaster Floor?

Find Trafficmaster Flooring

We are installing Traffic Master Engineered Hardwood Flooring. Are we supposed to use glue and if so, what kind/type of glue?

Can this be used as a floating floor without glue?

I personally have glued this product down and it looks and performs fantastic. It is currently 2 years old and looks like the day we installed it.

I remember the box shows directions for gluing it down, but I have heard of people floating it and believe that is is advertised as a floating floor.

We used the standard glue available from Home Depot on the floor we put down. We bought quite a bit of it and did a great job putting it down. I highly recommend gluing it down as it makes it feel extremely solid.