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Looking for Trafficmaster?  Find Trafficmaster Here Looking for Trafficmaster
So, you purchased Trafficmaster Flooring from Home Depot. You waited a few weeks to begin installing it and you found that you were a few boxes short. No problem, you head back to Home Depot to look for some more Trafficmaster. The bad news is that Home Depot no longer carries that type of flooring and you have 90% of your floor installed! Home Depot says you can check at other stores, and you call around, but no one has the Trafficmaster flooring that you are looking for. What are you doing to do?

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Trafficmaster Flooring. Find that laminate flooring that you need to complete the floor you started. Post what you need below and also look for the type you need. We have helped hundreds of people find the discontinued and no longer available Trafficmaster flooring. You can finish your floor!

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  1. Antonio Roman says:

    I am in need of 2boxes of Traffic Master WesternHHemlock #HD032

  2. Antonio Roman says:

    I started my bedroom I have guests coming from out of town im almost done just seems I calculated wrong how much I needed if someone can help me with 2boxes of Traffic Master glueless laminate flooring/ Western Hemlock #HD032 please contact me thanks

  3. Weston McConnell says:

    Looking for 1box traffic master glue less laminate flooring in Baytown oak, 7 mm thick.

  4. I am looking for 4 boxes of Trafficmaster Flooring in Estate Cherry, Please help.

  5. I am looking for 5 boxes of trafficmaster hanover oak – please help.

  6. I am looking for 5 boxes of trafficmasterfind Hanover Oak – please help.

  7. I need 2 boxes of Trafficmaster Albany Oak. Can you help??

  8. I desperately need at least 3 if not 4 boxes of the ” TrafficMaster Original” Medium Red Oak Glueless laminate Flooring. The boxes my wife picked up have (8) 7.5w X 47.25l X 9/32″ H . The product number on the box says MRO004 there is NO padding on the back. PLEASE help me locate this ASAP !! She wanted me to refloor a room , found flooring in an ad on a p2p sales site , read the ad wrong and didn’t get enough for me to finish the room !!! The room that she just has to HAVE done NOW !!! ……..PLEASE HELP !!!

  9. Need box of Trafficmaster 743-360 Greystone Pattern TM373

  10. 13 benson oak 7mm laminate flooring jason 9795573706

  11. Michael Leitschuh says:

    I’m looking for 1 box of Traffic Master Oak Cordoba Glueless Laminate System (SKU 640217). If you have more, I will buy it too. I have a few pieces and need about a box to repair a damaged area. I would buy more to keep for future repairs if you have it. 314-479-9020 call or text or email

  12. Looking for 1 box of Trafficmaster 0.080 gauge Saratoga Slate #317-150

  13. I am looking for one box of Trafficmaster Hanover Oak #07800 8mm x 7 5/8 x 47 1/2

  14. Looking for Trafficmaster Sandstone pattern: TM370, SKU: 743-394, 12×12, 12mm

  15. Hi, I am looking to buy several boxes of TrafficMaster Savannah Oak laminate flooring to repair water damage. Please email me if you have any you’d like to sell or know where I can get some.

    Thank you!


  16. Alexandra says:

    Looking for Trafficmaster Nahanni Honey Oak – contact me at

  17. Denise E says:

    Looking for one box of TrafficMaster 743-394 Sandstone

  18. I am looking for 5 boxes of traffic master self adhesive vinyl tile .. 12×12 .. hudson bay amber item # 310-829

  19. Misty Lane says:


    Me and my husband are looking for oak cordoba traffic master glueless laminate flooring. 1 box is all we need to finish our floor.

  20. Halden Petersen says:

    Hi there, I’m looking for about 500 sq ft of Trafficmaster Hamilton Oak.

  21. Justin Lamb says:

    I am looking for 1 box of Uniclic U 548500704 flooring for doing a small repair. Any help would be awesome. Justin

  22. Heather says:

    I am looking for verona trafficmaster laminate flooring.

  23. Rolando Mora says:

    I am looking for TrafficMaster Estate Cherry.

    Please contact me

  24. I need 4 boxe of Trafficmaster 743-360 Greystone Pattern TM373

  25. have ten cases of traffic master benson oak.. one case opened.. plus the underlayment

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